Getting the proper guidance while body building

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Body building is something we generally attribute to as men’s fitness schedules. We have all seen those heavy-weight lifters who look like a huge mountain full of muscles! Well, most women fear looking that way as it is just not feminine to have pounding muscles in all parts of the body. But that is a misconception, as even if women start lifting a lot of heavy weight they will only form their muscles and make their curves prominent. There is hardly possibility to women looking like a muscular male, because of the low testosterone levels in them. Thus, there is no need to worry about. Women, who are heavy weight lifters, often take anabolic steroids or testosterone injections, which is why they look at par with males.

How I tried my hands at body building?

Obviously it is not an easy job. It may be easier for males, compared to women, but the diet and exercise routine is more or less the same for both the genders. The main difference is men burn a lot more carbs and women burn a lot more fat. So, I was advised to follow a low carb diet, which would give me the required energy for body-building. I had to work on the calorie intake, as I needed to have energy-rich food that will help me to go through those rigorous workouts. Men in comparison to females need more calories as females already have a greater proportion of fats in their bodies. When the calorie intake is decided, only then can one decide upon the amount of proteins, carbs and fats that is needed.

Popular diet misconceptions

Like all fitness freaks I would have my breakfast with yoghurt and banana, which was the right diet according to the media. But, for body building, one needs to have the right amount of proteins and fatty acids, which cannot be replenished by yogurt and banana. Also, one has to decide whether she wishes to gain lean muscles or bulky ones. Depending on that the calorie intake has to be decided. The calorie intake should proportionate to the calories you are burning, otherwise you will gain fat. I used to eat really less in order to do away with all the fat. But, it is an absolutely wrong idea. For building the perfect body, one needs to eat more and have the right kinds of food. The two-three meals procedure should be given up completely and try to distribute your protein-rich meals into 6 parts every day.

The water intake

I reason why I would get tired easily was the insufficient water intake. The minimum water intake required for body building is eight glasses. The feeling of fullness that water provides, substitutes unnecessary calorie intake, which is a great thing. I have seen many people who mistakes thirst for hunger and take the liberty to overeat, which is very wrong. Drink lots of water so that you can put a stop to your habits of over-eating.
Staying away from processed food

This is something I completely abide by. Processed food generally has a lot of unnecessary calories and unhealthy stuff, which is steered clear from. They have saturated fats, preservatives and a high amount of sugars especially fructose. So, home-made food should be eaten strictly. Not only will you save money, but also will lose fat a lot faster.

These and some other strict schedule maintenance will help in getting the right body faster and more efficiently. You will have a super toned frame with muscular strength, which will make you look fit and smart. Do, take assistance of good trainers.


Taking charge our body and giving your best

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There are a lot of factors one needs gaining control over, before they train for a fit body. The over-eating, unnecessary indulgence, insufficient water intake and many other things, hinder in getting the right body, which most of us dream about. The amazing results which I got from body-building make me crave more a fit and solid body with more muscle and less fat. Certain things which are crucial for building a dream body are often ignored by us. Body building becomes easier if all those factors are put together.

Intake of proper proteins and fats

Sustaining the creation of muscle proteins is very important for gaining lean muscle in the body. Often people neglect the amount of proteins that are mentioned in their diets. I for a fact, never game much importance to protein intake. The result was that other people who started body building at the same time as me, was beginning to show great results within a short period, while it was taking too long for me. Moreover, I used to feel extremely tired after a strenuous workout. After I resorted to protein-rich diets, I began feeling more full and satisfied throughout the day and more energetic during working out hours. For the proper functioning of the body, essentials fats are of utmost importance. Eating healthy fats are a part of the diet routine for body building. They lend tremendous energy which is essential for working out. Essential fatty acids are present in a lot of foods. These acids help in burning a lot of fat from the body.

Control of insulin levels

In order to increase loss of fat from the body, it is very important to stop the insulin level in the body from increasing. Insulin is termed as the ‘fat storage hormone’. So greater the insulin level, greater is the amount of fat. In order to do this, it is very important to have food which has low GI carbs. Improved energy levels are very much in need during body building. So, if the sugar level is in complete control, the energy levels increase, helping in better workout regimes.

Need for motivation

It may happen that things are not working out the way you expected them to. It has happened a lot with me, as I have a very difficult body which takes time to respond. What I have learnt, is to be consistent. One should never give up. A lot depends on the things we eat, the habits we have and our dedication. The more we straighten out these areas, the easier it becomes to bring that killer body, we die to have. Body building requires having proper knowledge about a lot of different things, and proper execution. You must be in proper consultation with a training expert who can guide you through all the phases and point out your mistake. Consistency has what worked for me. I today own a perfectly toned body with strong muscles. The amount of gratification it gives me to see myself in the mirror is inexplicable.


Try body building for an appreciable and curvy body

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It is difficult to bring body building naturally, if you never been keen about fitness. But, it would be wrong to say that one needs to give up on a lot of different things. In fact, you simply need to straighten your life and get a hold upon a lot of factors that you would consider insignificant. That is all what is required to have a lean and fit frame. Body building does not mean having a wrestler-kind of body. In fact, such bodies do not look good in a female frame. What looks good, are lean frames with strong muscles. I am striving towards having a 10 on 10 bodies, which obviously requires a lot of hard work.

Why body-build at all?

Well, no one likes having a body which is unfit and looks like a sack of potato. Burning calories are often difficult and the only way to melt them away is muscle-building. I never had a terribly unfit body. What took me in body-building were my ailments. Nearing 30, it becomes really impossible survive with numerous digestive disorders and muscle pains. So, I finally decided to take a stand and went to a fitness expert who suggested that I should go for body building. The dedication, effort and regime I needed to resort to, made be a changed person within two months. Suddenly, I was very conscious about the foods I ate and the time-table I maintained. The body I possess is all a result of dedicated efforts, which makes me feel like an achiever. Thus, I have felt a boost in my confidence level and can take on any challenges in my life. So, if you have to reason to go for body-building, try to give yourself a new way to live.

Some body building tips for killer curves

A woman body has curves. But, with fat intake and an unhealthy lifestyle, most women are not able to show to show those curves and own a body which people will appreciate. I work on every part of the body discreetly. The legs require squats with free-weight barbells. They help in the development of the overall muscles in the legs and helps lose all fat. Thus, you will get great legs within a few months. For the full body exercise, dead lifts are very important. They help in building the muscles in the abs, traps, backs, obliques and legs.